How to spy conversations SMS for free

With all the uses of mobile phones (smartphones) with applications such as GPS, voice recognition, fingerprint detection or applications available in the

blinds are the subject of a new type of case, namely, the spying on cell phones spy conversations SMS for free.
Receive and trace live calls, mms, receive sms sent and received, this is what our free SMS / MMS spyware offers

Spyware SMS / MMS what is it?

Our spyware for mobile phone allows a live tracking of a targeted phone, a software that is sent directly to the person wanted to then receive all the desired information.

With this software you have access to a lot of information such as SMS, MMS mails, phone recording and many others. With our app you can control everything remotely. After collect the data  on a cloud space for then you return them, people have access to this server except you.

spy sms free

Characteristic of smartphone spy software

The application we have implemented has several spy feature that offers you the opportunity to intercept both received and emitted calls but also to activate the microphone of the smartphone and listen to all that happens around the phone.

Of course you will have access to ax photos videos, opportunities to see social network conversations like for example, vibrate, facebook, whatsapp …

Our high-tech software also offers you the possibility to activate the camera but also to access the Internet browsing history and the use of the applications installed on the phone. Also access all phone contacts.

How to use our SMS / MMS spy app online?

When you infect the phone is, you will receive an email with all the information of the targeted person (Sms, mms, mail, photos, videos and more). When someone places a call or receives / sends a message you will be notified by email notifications.

To listen to a conversation just type a code that will be provided to you and call the targeted phone will then access you live to the conversation. Our software can be activated remotely.

Spy on SMS without access to the phone is possible

Our app is a solution for people wishing to monitor one or more people and get an idea of what exactly your children or spouse are doing. It can indeed monitor the tasks performed on the phone but also with all the applications installed on the phone.

When you infect the phone, our software is undetectable and starts recording all the information from the phone then is directed with a server encrypt and then forwarded to a cloud that only you will have login information. You will have access to all information on the dashboard of your account.

Spy conversations SMS for free

Our spyware intercepts all conversations on the target phone. You can have access to all the phone conversations that will be recorded in your personal space. So you will have the opportunity to see the time of calls made, call time and listen to the conversation.

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